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Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.10)

1. Changes in working with database of media resources.
2. Added selection of reading mode properties of media resources (Off,
    Synchronous, Asynchronous): Settings - "Media-Resources" - 
    "Reading of properties".
3. Web-navigation now does not require licensing (may be used on 
    computers, mobile and PDA-devices) through the viewer for the Internet.
4. Added device configuration: 
"LG TV (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)"; 
"XBOX 360 Live (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)";
"XBOX 360 (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)".
5. Updated subtitles module (support for subtitles in mp4-files).
6. In the settings of device, connection added the mode "Check IP-address"
    (Settings - Devices - choose a device - Edit). Default off. If the devices are 
    connected via a bridge, it is necessary include checking of IP-address.
7. In the password for access to restricted resources now can be used
    only the different digits.
8. In the setting of grouping of media resources added field "Allowed values".
9. Changes in the program settings: 
      - settings of the device by default moved to a separate form 
        (calling from the field "Device type by default"); 
      - the list of authorized client devices moved from section Server
        to section Devices;
      - list of events moved from the "Advanced" to the separate section "Events";
      - changes in the form "Individual settings of the client device".
10. The main form of the program: 
      - in the list of media resources, adds the ability to set status 
        "Hidden media resource" (in the menu on the right mouse button); 
      - in the folder tree of media resources added the ability to hide all 
        child items of the selected folder (in the menu on the right mouse button). 

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.09)

1. Added device configuration: 
"Dune Media Player (UPnP, 16:9, 720x406)"; 
"Popcorn Hour Media Player (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)";
"Samsung Features TV (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)".
2. In the settings of podcasts added "Priority of video formats" (setting should be 
    used in the scripts links to video).
3. In the settings of podcasts added schedule for update (button Schedule).
4. In the settings of podcasts added the possibility of customization for client devices 
    (button "Devices").
5. Module libraw-lite.dll replaced on libraw.dll (support for digital cameras RAW-files);
6. In the settings of client device added "Working time";
7. Added mode "Indicator of availability of the Internet resources" (Settings - "Media-
    resources" - "Internet-resources" - "Check the availability of Internet resources").
8. Added settings for loading custom playlists (Settings - Playlists);
9. Individual transcoding settings of movie (List [Movies] - select a file - right click - 
    "Special settings...");
10. Updated Bulgarian, French, German, Italian, Polish translation files;
11. Updated transcoder FFMPEG - added wtv-files support.
12. Updated subtitles module.
13. Added transcoding profiles  "Movies - RTMPDUMP - FFMPEG",
      "Music - RTMPDUMP - FFMPEG".
14. Added mode  "Disable the transmission of information about external subtitles"
      (Settings - Transcoder - Subtitles or Settings - Server - choose a device - Edit - 
       Settings - Subtitles).

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.08)

1. Added device configuration: 
"Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod (DLNA, 14:9, 480x320, AirPlayer)"; 
"Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod (DLNA, 14:9, 480x320, PlugPlayer, 8Player, MLPlayer, 
LMPlayer, Media Browser)";
"Apple iPad/iPhone/iPod (Web, 14:9, 480x320, Safari)".
2. The ability to use a script to create Web-navigation pages (Settings - Device - 
    "Web-navigation" - Script), 
     default script - http://www.wildmediaserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=742.
3. Added a Dutch translation files (thanks to the user aka Reneweesp).
4. The distribution includes a French translation file (thanks to the users aka 
    Fred from lyon, Lecureuil).
5. Updated subtitle module (changes for PGS-subtitles).
6. Changes in support of the UDF disk images.
7. Added registration SSIF-files (3D), perhaps some devices support work with SSIF-files in 
    DLNA-mode; FFMPEG, TsMuxer not support MVC (Multi View Coding).
8. Added events "After program start" , "Before program exit", "Before server start", 
    "After server start", "Before server stop", "After server stop", "Server idle (30 minutes)" 
9. Added settings for size and duration of transcoder probe when scanning files 
    (Settings-Transcoder-Other), can be used, if not determined by scanning all tracks.
10. Updated module MediaInfo.
11. Added selection of video codec MPEG4, X264 for transcoding.
12. Updated transcoder FFMPEG (SVN-r25702) - added parameters vstreamid, astreamid - 
      selection of video and audio tracks for transcoding (without map);

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.07)

1. Added creation of folders of media resources for playlists BD-disks.
2. To section Photo added Podcasts folder.
3. In Web-navigation added a playlist for all items in a folder.
4. The distribution includes a Polish translation file (thanks to the user aka Mperchel), 
    choose Help-Language. 
5. The distribution includes a Dutch translation file, choose Help-Language. 
6. The distribution includes a German translation files (thanks to the user aka Otto100), 
    choose Help-Language. 
7. Updated sctipts for IMDB and Kinopoisk.
8. Updated transcoder FFMPEG (SVN-r25118).
9. Updated subtitles module.
10. Added registration wbem-files.

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.05)

1. Added device configuration: 
"DLNA Device (version 1.5, 16:9, 720x406)"; 
"DLNA Device (version 1.0, 16:9, 720x406)". 
2. The distribution includes a Italian translation file (thanks to the user aka Libero), 
    choose Help-Language. 
3. The distribution includes a Romanian translation files (thanks to the user aka Gugu), 
    choose Help-Language. 
4. In the registration of file types added a possibility enumeration MIME-types and 
    DLNA-information separated by a comma, the examples in the device configuration 
    "DLNA Device (Version 1.5, 16:9, 720x406)" and 
    "DLNA Device (vVersion 1.0, 16:9, 720x406)". 
5. Added possibility to set up the grouping of files into folders "Collections", "Playlists", 
    "Albums". Actions (for example, "Playlists"): 
add a folder in the "Playlists"; 
drag & drop the column header "Artist" to the added folder;
open the folder "Grouping"; 
drag & drop the column header "Album" to the line 
"ReplaceStr (mpAuthor, ',', #13#10)" 
    Grouping: "Artist" - "Album" 
    For each folder, the results of grouping can set their own rules follow 
    grouping, it can be convenient, for example, genre of music: 
add a folder in the "Playlists"; 
drag & drop the column header "Genre" to the added folder; 
open the folder "Grouping"; 
drag & drop the column header "Artist" to the line 
"ReplaceStr (mpGenre, ',', #13 #10)" 
drag & drop the column header "Composer" to the line of the genre "Classical" 
    Grouping: "Genre" - "Artist", for the genre "Classical" grouping by the composer. 
6. Added a separate language setting by default for subtitles and audio tracks 
7. For files ape, flac, wv now not set a transcoding profile when Scan, 
    transcoding profile is set to File types, used if the files are not included 
    in the list of supported.
8. Server port default changed from 0-auto on 45357. 
9. Added scripts of media resources processing "Download podcast",  
    "Pre-transcoding (media-resource)", "YAMMM mymovies.xml import".

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.04)

1. Added device configuration:
"Sony BDP-S370/S470/S570/S770 (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)";
"LG BD Player (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)";
"Samsung BD Player (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)";
"AV Receiver" (music only).
2. In the template request information about media resources from the Internet database 
    added optional parameter code page (KEYWORDS, CodePage) 
3. Alterations to scan media resources to re-read the information of media resource, 
    if changed the file size or time changes. 
4. Added support for AudioCD-files (cda) and images of AudioCD (bin-file with a cue-file). 
5. Added transcoding profile "Music - AudioCD (VLC)". 
6. In registration of file (Settings - File Types) can now specify the full DLNA-resource 
    information, eg "DLNA.ORG_PN=JPEG_MED;DLNA.ORG_OP=01;DLNA.ORG_CI=1".
7. Updated transcoding profiles to use script for the MIME-type from the current settings 
    of media devices. 
8. Updated transcoding profiles Internet TV to support VLC 1.1.
9. Alterations to the reading frame rate evo, ts, m2ts, mts, tp-files.
10. In the status bar of the main form of the program added mode "Automatic scanning  
      of removable media" (default is now off). Manual scan can be performed on right click 
      of the mouse on the folder "Removable media".

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.03)

1. Folder of podcasts feeds: 
ability to create a list of podcasts feeds using the script, 
example of using "Watch TV Shows", "TheWB", "NBC - Shows" in 
Podcasts Gallery. 
2. The distribution includes a Bulgarian translation file (Help - Language). 
3. Scripts: 
added function WmsSendRequestEx, additionally you can set 
call parameters INTERNET_FLAG_xxxx and get response header, 
an example using "Watch TV Shows" in the Podcasts Gallery. 
4. Updated configuration for Sony TVs and Samsung TVs:  
added configuration automatic remux files with DTS audio track, 
use profile transcoding "Movies - TsMuxer", editing: Settings - 
File Types. 
5. Profiles transcoding: 
updated profile transcoding "Internet-television", changed formation parameter 
"Aspect Ratio". 

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.02)

1. Settings-Additional:
added settings page "Events" - to select the script processing 
media resources to handle different events with media resources: 
After addition of media resource at scanning;
After reading of properties of a media resource;
After the beginning of playback of a media resource;
After end of playback of a media resource.
2. Scripts processing media resources (added scripts): 
"After addition of media resource at scanning" - adds video resource 
to folder "Playlists\Recently Added"; 
"After the beginning of playback of a media resource" - adds a video resource 
the folder "Playlists\Recently Viewed". 
3. In the folder Settings of video playback (the choice of a folder transcoding) added 
    choice of frame rate for transcoding.

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.01)

1. Transcoding profiles: 
added transcoding profiles "Movies - DirectShow - WTV (MPEG-PS)", 
"Movies - DirectShow - WTV (MPEG-TS)" - support for transcoding wtv-files 
on Windows Vista, Windows Seven, the format transcoded file in name 
transcoding profile; 
ability to use a script for mime-type transcoded file, button in field MIME-type. 
updated profile transcoding "Internet-television (Input stream)", 
added script to create MIME-type transcoded file. 
2. Settings-Transcoder-Other (formerly known as Buffer): 
new settings for pre-transcoding. 
3. Alterations in reading the properties of MP3-files. 
4. Alterations in the processing of requests for players LG (problems with 
    playing online resources). 
5. List of movies: 
added column "File format".
6. Settings - "Media Resources" - "Photo-resources, thumbnails": 
added configuration directory cache thumbnails.

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 1.00)

1. Podcasts:
added ability to read a list of media resources without RSS-feed, using a special 
added ability to use a special script for Media resource link from a page media 
resource (used for reading properties of video, audio, transcoding media resources), 
the link is returned in variable MediaResourceLink; 
the possibility to download additional properties podcasts using scripts (button Script), 
in the script is available variables PodcastItem - current item database of media 
resources, PodcastXmlItem - element description of the current podcast in the feed 
added modes transfer podcasts to media device (Transcoding, Original link, 
Original stream); 
the possibility to inherit settings from parent folder of podcast feeds (for example, 
may be useful for Youtube); 
added setting the display mode of media resources in the main form 
program (table, cards); 
added ability to specify internet links to folder thumbnail (button "Internet link 
to thumbnail);
button to save the description of the podcast (in field Link), is included in the 
description and the transcoding script, if it is defined. For load a saved description 
simply drag the saved file from Windows Explorer into the main form;
in the navigation on the media device added to the folder "Update podcasts";
podcast gallery http://www.wildmediaserver.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=259.
2. Folder list of media resources (Settings-Media-resources): 
added mode "Each film in a separate folder", can useful if used such a structure 
storing movies. The folder extra includes a folder of information from the Internet 
database (if it is loaded) and Transcoding folder. 
3. Transcoding profiles: 
updated transcoding profile "Music - FLAC ", deleted transcoding profiles
"Music (FLAC-DTS)", "Music - FLAC - LPCM", recommended restore transcoding 
profile  "Music - FLAC" from the distribution (Settings - Transcoder - Profiles - 
"Music - FLAC "- Restore);
updated transcoding profile "Movies - TsMuxer", can now be used to transcode 
any files in the format of MPEG Transport Stream, if the film selected subtitles, 
then to perform transcoding video track to MPEG2. Removed the use of profile 
transcoding "Movies - DirectShow - TsMuxer". Recommended restore transcoding 
profile  "Movies - TsMuxer" from the distribution (Settings - Transcoder - Profiles - 
"Movies - TsMuxer"- Restore);
updated transcoder FFMPEG, added support for file names in Unicode;
updated subtitles module, added support for file names in Unicode, changes for 
support dvb-subtitles;
the distribution kit of the program included loader rtmp-resources RtmpDump 
(http://rtmpdump.mplayerhq.hu). Added a setting number of attempts to resume 
loading rtmp-resources (Settings - "Media Resources" - "Internet Resources" - 
in function WmsCreateDualPipe added parameter "Buffer size", default 1 MB, 
can be use, if at the start transcoding it hangs;
for transcoding profiles added setting folder of transcoding profile.
4. Settings-Transcoder-codecs, frame-Audio:
to the list of codecs added LPCM, is used in the profile transcoding
"Movies - TSMuxer", "Movies - DirectShow - TSMuxer".
added mode "Hide in DTS LPCM", can be used if media device is connected to 
the receiver (DTS 5.1 (768 kbit, 1536kbit)).
5. Added setting directory thumbnail movies (Settings-Media-resources-  
    "Photo-resources, Thumbnails"). 
6. For folders of media resources added mode "Shuffle", activate on right click 
    of the mouse in the folder tree of media resources. 
7. Settings-Server: 
added configuration mode "Prevent sleep mode while the server started"
(the default mode is enabled). 
8. Added support for loading a list of internet media resources from playlists 
    format XSPF (http://xspf.org), the format can be selected and for Web-mode 
    the server. 
9. Reading information from Internet databases: 
added function WmsAnsiToWideString, the function passed parameter 
code page of text; 
to function WmsHtmlToText added parameter code page of text. 
10. Ability to change the XML-description of the server to be transferred to 
     device can be used for cosmetic changes, which required for operation of the devices 
     (Settings-Device-"Thumbnails, identifiers" - Identifiers media resources, 
     the menu on right click "mouse" - Editing description server). 

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 0.73)

1. Added ability to configure the structure of media resources for client devices 
    (Settings-Device-"Thumbnails, identifiers - Identifiers media resources). Editing 
    items on the right button mouse. Structure can be imported from another media 
    server by right click "Import structure from media server". Folders of individual 
    structures can linked with the basic structure of folders media resources program, 
    using Drag & Drop. For the destination folder set type Dynamic (script) 
    script - WmsDatabaseLinkFolder ( "Identifier_Source_Folder", FolderItem.ItemID).
2. Added constructor expressions additional verification support files 
    (Settings-File Types-Registration file type), the call from the field Expression. 
3. Changes in the definition of the support device files, if do any of the conditions 
    from additional verification support files, the file is unsupported and transcoded with 
    the specified profile. 
4. Ability to use a transcoding buffer - transcoding without writing to disk, the default is off, 
    setting - Settings - Transcoder - Buffer, buffer size can be set for video, music, 
    Internet, 0 - use a buffer for this type of resource is disabled; 
5. Added ability to backup / restore program data (Help-Backup). 
6. Changes in the list of supported device configuration files. Now you can specify * - 
    all files are supported, when installed * then setting transcoding profile for a file 
    or special settings Transcoding is ignored, the choice transcoded content only 
    a folder Transcoding. 
7. The updated subtitles module, enabled subtitles when working with Wine.
8. Added call to form the complete structure of the media resources (call on right click 
    "mouse" in the folder tree), can be used to assign the thumbnail root folder, add 
    dynamically generated folder on root level. 
9. In the form properties of the folder is added to select the type folder (Default, 
    Dynamic (script), Transcoding). The contents of the dynamic folder formed script 
   (sample script to create artist index: 
     WmsDatabaseGroupItems (mfAudioAllMusicItemID, FolderItem.Properties [mpiItemID], 
            'mpAuthor + "\" + mpAlbum', '+ mpTitle\-mpYear') 
   can be assigned to an existing folder Artists. This script creates a folder by artist, 
   each artist creates a folder album, after the grouping of media resource, is executed
   sort folders by name of artist, album artist sorted by publication year in reverse order. 
   Folder content Transcoding is formed from a folder to the same level 
   that folder transcoding, ie If the folder are three folders A, B, C and C - Folder 
   transcoding, it will contain folders A and B with transcoding. 
10. Download information about media resources from the Internet databases: 
added script to load the data from TheMovieDB.org (http://themoviedb.org), 
 TheTVDB.com (http://www.thetvdb.com); 
added the possibility of forming a table of search results, example of use in 
scripts to load the data from TheMovieDB.org, TheTVDB.com; 
added ability download information for the current list media resources, 
an example of using the script to load the data from TheTVDB.com. 
11. Added transcode profile Music - APE ", support for ape-files 24/96 and 24/192. 
12. In the distribution kit included transcoder mac.exe (http://www.monkeysaudio.com) 
      for transcoding ape-files.
13. Added transcode profile Music - WAVPACK ", support wv-files. 
14. In the distribution included transcoder wvunpack.exe (http://www.wavpack.com) for 
      transcoding wv-files. 
15. Changes in transcoding profile "Music - DVD-Audio" to support transcoding in LPCM. 
16. In the configuration register file type setting added an additional verification
      support files, that can be used to select a profile transcoding, depending on 
      the file properties (in terms supported only logical operations, a list of names 
      of properties media resources in editing transcoding profile - 
      Media resource parameters), an example of expression for the Playstation 3 
      (mkv, m2ts): mpVideoCodec = 'VC1', transcoding profile: "Movies - WMF". 
17. In the dynamic folder scripts added function WmsDatabaseLinkFolder, may 
      be used for the dynamic formation of the folder contents from other folders 
      media structure.
18. Changes in the formation of a subtitle parameters for transcoding, 
      if not set the subtitle language, then used value "Language of subtitles
      and audio tracks by default - Settings - Transcoder - Subtitles, Speed indicator. 
19. Changed directory store cache fonts external module subtitle libass, 
      Now it is stored in the temporary folder Windows, initializing the cache 
      will be executed when you exit the form of program settings. 
20. In class TWmsScriptMediaItem added methods AddItem, AddFolder, Sort, 
      can be used in scripts dynamic folders. 
21. Changes in the processing of cue-file, the name of a music file read from the cue-file. 
22. Changes in the automatic scanning directories media resources, when they change 
      (it should now be more optimal on Windows XP and above). 
23. Changes in the search form client devices, added a selection device configuration, 
      the grouping of ip-address, for some devices can display a thumbnail. 
24. Thumbnail support is now possible to specify for each type media resources 
      (films, music, photos). 
25. If the folder of media resource contains a file folder.jpg, then it connects to 
      a thumbnail of the folder (not all devices support the thumbnails for folders). 
26. For podcasts, pointing to a file automatically creates a pipe-load channel. 
27. For all DLNA-devices in the description of the media resource includes links to 
      the external subtitles (can be used on players LG). 
28. In the registration of file types added to the setup DLNA positioning for streaming 
      resources, can be useful if, for internet-resources device not support pause 
      (default, both mode of positioning DLNA off). 
29. Updated configuration of all devices, expanded the list of registered file types by default. 
30. For devices containing Popcorn in the name of the device type, automatically  
      turn on the identification of the main folders, adopted in Windows Media Sharing. 
31. After editing the information on the video track, the information is transferred 
      in the basic information about the film, the same for a selected audio track. 
32. The information about the film added mode selection aspect ratio DVD, 
      can be useful if the original ratio of 16:9 is inscribed in a 4:3 frame and information 
      on the DVD is not specified, the formation parameters of transcoding black 
      areas will be cut. 
33. Settings-Device-Thumbnails, identifiers:
added mode "Use shorted (16 characters) identifiers media resources"
34. In the profile selection for transcoding media device is added ability cleaning selected 
      profile transcoding. 
35. In the property "Thumbnail" media resource is now possible to specify the full path 
      to the thumbnail, may be useful in the processing of media resources. 
36. In the lists of movies, music, photos added to the column "File date".
37. Improved transcoding files from Youtube. 
38. In transcoding profiles added function  WmsDownloadURLToPipe - creation 
      pipe for downloading Internet pages. 

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 0.72)

1. In the form "Movie information" added to choose thumbnail from view film.
2. Added device configuration "WD TV Live HD Media Player (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)".
3. Added device configuration "Sony TV NTSC (DLNA, 16:9, 720x406)".
4. Accelerated search content on devices that support (from search deleted transcoded
5. Changes in profiles transcoding Music - FLAC "and" Music - FLAC - LPCM " 
    to support FLAC (5.1, 96 kHz), if the profiles transcoding amended, it is necessary to 
    restore this profile of the distribution (Settings-Transcoder - Profiles Restore button 
    in the list of profiles); .
6. For devices Sony made changes in the device configuration for ts, m2ts files 
    (MIME type: video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts, DLNA: MPEG_TS_SD_EU_ISO).
7. For profiles TsMuxer changed MIME type video/vnd.dlna.mpeg-tts (if any devices have 
    trouble when using TsMuxer profiles, possibly because of this).
8. Added localization using Google Translate and Microsoft Translate (in the form of localization 
    on the right mouse button - translation of the current, selected, all rows).
9. Changes in resolve links to video for podcast Youtube.
10. To add links to Internet resources from the processing media resources added functions 
      WmsDownloadURL, WmsHtmlToText, WmsRemoveLineBreaks, WmsCreateMediaItem, 
      class TRegExpr.
11. Fixed error reading the names of the language audio and subtitle tracks DVD-movies.
12. Fixed various problems read MP3-tags. 
13. Added script processing media resources "Save metadata media resources 
      (selected in the list)"," Load metadata media resources (selected in the list), 
      "Save metadata media resources (current list)"," Load metadata media resources 
      (current list)" - may be useful when moving out of media resources, the default 
      metadata files (extension wmi) are in the same directory and files that the media 
      resources, save directory wmi-files can be changed in the text of the script 
      (Settings - Processing). 
14. Added script processing media resources "Creating Artist Index" may be useful 
      when a large collection of music, creates an index in a folder "Playlists", the 
      grouping of artists by first letter, for each artist creates a folder "All Songs" 
      and the folder for album artist. 
15. Fixed bug server startup on Windows 64-bit.
16. Configuration of the thumbnail for folder media resources (right mouse button 
      "Edit name").
17. Added support for subtitles using the module SubtitleApi.dll (http://www.urusoft.net), 
      supported subtitle formats: 
        Adobe Encore DVD: txt; Advanced SubStation Alpha: ass; AQTitle: aqt; Captions 32: txt; 
        Captions DAT: dat; Captions DAT Text: dat; Captions Inc.: txt; Cheetah: asc; CPC-600: txt; 
        DKS Subtitle Format: dks; DVD Junior: txt; DVD Subtitle System: txt; DVDSubtitle: sub; 
        FAB Subtitler: txt; I-Author Script: txt; Inscriber CG: txt; JACOSub 2.7+: js, jss; 
        Karaoke Lyrics LRC: lrc; Karaoke Lyrics VKT: vkt; MAC DVD Studio Pro: txt; MacSUB: scr; 
        MicroDVD: sub, txt; MPlayer: mpl; MPlayer2: mpl; MPSub: sub; OVR Script: ovr; 
        Panimator: pan; Philips SVCD Designer 1.5-2.0: sub; Phoenix Japanimation Society: pjs; 
        Pinnacle Impression: txt; PowerDivX: psb, txt; PowerPixel: txt; QuickTime Text: txt; 
        RealTime: rt; SAMI Captioning: smi, sami; Sasami Script: s2k; SBT: sbt; Scantitle: 890; 
        Sofni: sub; Softitler RTF: rtf; SonicDVD Creator: sub; Sonic Scenarist: sst; 
        Spruce DVDMaestro: son; Spruce Subtitle File: stl; Stream SubText Player: sst; 
        Stream SubText Script: ssts; SubCreator 1.x: txt; SubRip: srt; SubSonic: sub; 
        SubStation Alpha: ssa; SubViewer 1.0: sub; SubViewer 2.0: sub; TMPlayer: txt, sub; 
        Turbo Titler: tts; Ulead DVD Workshop 2.0: txt; ViPlay Subtitle File: vsf.

Wild Media Server (UPnP, DLNA, HTTP) (version 0.71)

1. Added transcoding profile Music - Internet-Radio (VLC).
2. Added transcoding profile Music - FLAC - LPCM.
3. Fixed a problem reading the properties of channels of digital television (DVB).
4. Fixed a problem starting the server under Wine (version 1.1.34),
    MAC OS X (http://winebottler.kronenberg.org).
5. Fixed problem adding links radio iTunes.

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